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1 de diciembre de 2011

Advantages of Television (essay) by Pedro Merino


Advantages of Television  (essay)      

      A Scientific and Technical Revolution began during the mid-Twentieth Century. No one imagined that the television could be so popular actually. This innovative invention has had countless achievements. Some of these achievements include: education, information, and promotion.

     The television has carried out thousands of education programs. For example, language teaching. From an early age children can learn the alphabet, the spelling, and the grammar rules, etc. In addition, thanks to this invention, many college courses are known to students and have achieved a high attendance. In general, with respect to education, television has greatly influenced the levels of knowledge of people of all ages worldwide.
     Regarding    information, the TV has disseminated  all kinds of events in the world. Through  instant information, television has led the control and the knowledge of what is happening,  around the world, for examples,  hurricanes, tsunamis, tornadoes, earthquakes, etc. Thousands of people fail to realize that danger is imminent.
     Concerning  promotion, cultural organizations have come to people´s minds with a great impact,  for example, the foundations of famous artists are very importants. TV has also promoted singers by interviewing them and therefore, helping  the sale of their CDs.
      I believe that  TV is much more advantageous than  others medias, because it attracts people without them having to leave their homes. Television broadcasts are less costly than a movie, for example, even if the  film costs  less to make. Without a doubt, the television is the star of the media.

Nota: Partes de un ensayo (introducción, desarrollo y conclusiones) que son impartidas en escuelas y colegios  de EE.UU.

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